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Database Solutions

Databases are the best way to organize information on contacts (clients, customers, personnel, students), expenses, inventory, invoices, or virtually any large amount of information. If you have piles of paperwork, or a mishmash of files on your computer, The Database Guru can improve how it's all organized and ensure that your valuable information is working to your best advantage.

The Database Guru has intimate knowledge of the structure and design of a databases. Some things The Database Guru specializes in are interface usability, consistency of data collection, and automation of common tasks. One of his favorite things is creating database-driven websites to add more value to your information.

The Database Guru has created numerous databases for many purposes such as to track such things as business clients, billing invoices, project tasks, employees, libraries, version release tracking, fundraising, software bugs, and more.

The Database Guru's primary career is software testing and he has been the head of QA (Quality Assurance) departments in publicly owned software companies since 1994, so we assure you that our work is very professional.

The Database Guru will cater to your needs, working with you until we get the interface to your satisfaction.

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Internet Databases

The Database Guru enjoys making database-driven web sites that always keep your site current. That means that the data on your site is dynamically generated by the data in your database. (The opposite is the standard static site that never change unless you type up new web pages). Once the site is up, you can frequently update content on your site using a simple interface. Updates could be as major as a whole listing of new inventory (including descriptions, prices, etc.) or an occasional new line of text. This added flexibility saves you from having to pay someone each time you need changes. Databases can be designed for plain desktop use or for output to the web.

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The Database Guru has a number of techniques for making databases easier to use.
  • Powerful Systems: will organize your data so you can get your job done quickly and easily
  • Custom Interfaces: are aesthetic and easy to use
  • Simple Data Entry: is often as easy as a click or double-click instead of having to type - this will really speed up your work
  • Automation of common tasks: to speed up certain processes and reduce the chance of human error
  • Usability: Thought-out design gives you maximum access to your information.
  • Usage Tracking: keeps a log of changes in the database and make it easy to revert back to previous data
  • Reduced Data Entry Errors: by using smart interface techniques and internal data validation
  • Logical Execution of tasks: when data is predictable, the system can fill in information automatically
  • Statistics: can be easily generated from all the data
  • Security: enforced by password permissions for different levels of access to content
  • Backup: systems to protect your valuable data.
  • Tracking Fields: give a digital paper trail to ensure accurate record keeping
  • Help Documentation: can be built in to the application with roll-over text, instructional screens, tutorials, and informative status bar comments
  • And Much More...

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"This is wonderful. The database is so easy to use, I could do it in my sleep!"
- Robin Hartner, SuperStudio

"I wonder what [functionality request] Iíll dream up next as I use the database! By the way... I really love using it. You really did build it for idiots as requested! ;-) Thanks!"

- Adrienne Gutmans, TransOffice

"You created the most user-friendly computer system for our department. I especially like the great filtering options; they really helped me quickly find specific information that would otherwise be buried in a huge field of data. It was a real boost to our productivity."

- Shimon Aharon, NMS Communications

"Scott developed an extremely valuable tool to manage several facets of our day-to-day operations. He contributed lots of great ideas to the project and expertly implemented them. Thanks for helping us get organized and put our masses of information to good use. You exceeded our expectations. I would happily recommend your services to any potential clients you may have."

- Baruch Labinsky, Lema'an Achai

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Perhaps you'd like to learn how to design databases yourself? For certain projects, it might be a more economical solution and would give you a lot of flexibility with your project (often as you use the database you come up with new features you want and it's best if you can add them yourself rather than having to pay me to do the work). The Database Guru has a degree in teaching and loves sharing his craft. The Database Guru can also teach other computer skills such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access), Internet, scripting languages (HTML, XML, Javascript), software testing, and general computer usage. We provide a lot of useful tips and tricks for organizing your work on the computer and ways to do your work more efficiently. The Database Guru will customize a course to your specifications. We can provide references for computer instruction.

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